Unicasts has shut down

But the content / teaching / community continues to live on.

You may be wondering: Why? Well my reason for teaching was to help as many people as possible learn new skills (design, front-end, rails, etc) that could help them build out their ideas or even get a new job or launch a business.

Putting my content behind a paywall prevents a large number of people from having access to learning those skills from my courses because of either financial reasons or inability to pay (ie have no credit card to pay online).

For this reason I’ve switched to a freemium model. My courses are now free to watch on YouTube, and if you want the videos + all the extra goodies (ebook version of the course, digital assets, wireframing kits & access to the community slack channel) you can purchase a bundle at mackenziechild.me/courses.

If you have any questions about this shutdown, drop me an email at hey@mackenziechild.me.

- Mackenzie Child